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Secretariat Contact Details

Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Among like-minded ASEAN Member Countries
Transnational Crime Unit
Prosecution Division
Attorney General’s Chambers
No. 45 Persiaran Perdana
Precinct 4
62100 Putrajaya
Telephone No. : 603-8872 2591
Facsimile No.  : 603-8890 1607
Email address 1 :
Email address 2 :

Attorney General of Brunei Darussalam
Minister of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia
Minister of Justice Lao PDR
Attorney General of Malaysia
Central Authority for Rendering Assistance in Criminal Matters among States, Myanmar
Attorney-General's Chambers of Singapore
Minister of Public Security, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Department of Justice Office of the Chief State Counsel, Philippines
Ministry of Justice Cambodia
Attorney General of Thailand